Advanced Course in Malting Technology


At the end of the course, participants will be able to :

  • Identify and evaluate the key points of malting. 
  • Memorise the different stages of malting and associate the different biochemical processes involved 
  • Choose the appropriate transformation process according to customer requirements while respecting good manufacturing practices and regulatory obligations


If a beneficiary has particular constraints due to a disability, please contact the disability advisor beforehand so that we can adapt the training course as far as possible and enable you to follow it in the best possible conditions -  - Tel: 

For in-house training courses: It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the premises are compliant and accessible to people with disabilities.

Durée, effectifs et dates

  • Duration: 4.5 day(s) - 31.5 hours
  • Limited staff to 12 trainees (minimum 4 trainees)
  • Dates : November 25th to 29th (12h30 am) 2024

Public concerné

Managers and technical staff with several years of experience in malting who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of industrial processes in an industrial environment.


Welcome, presentation of the trainer, the learners and the program 

  • Growing malting barley in France
  • Barley selection in France
  • Barley analysis and laboratory visit
  • Barley storage
  • Internal and external structure of barley grain
  • Malting biochemistry
  • Malting technology and inputs (energy, water...)
  • Energy saving
  • Special malts
  • Malt analysis and laboratory visit
  • Brewing process
  • Visit of a semi-industrial brewery
  • Impact of malt quality on brewing performance and beer quality
  • Mycotoxin behaviour during malting and brewing and HACCP prevention in malting plants, gushing in beer, PYF
  • Moulds in barley and malt 

Closing of training : Round table and feedback from trainees