Pilot plant


Malting is the process of transforming grain into a crumbly, enzyme-rich malt. For malting, we are equipped with :

  • a micro-malting plant (from 250 g to 16 kg)
  • a semi-industrial malting plant (2 x 600 kg)


Brewing is the stage that consists of transforming the malt into beer. It consists of two main parts: the hot side and the cold side. For brewing, we are equipped with :

  • a 30 L test brewery
  • a 1 hL pilot brewery
  • a fully automated 20 hL brewery
  • propagator, fermentation tanks (20 hL) and bright beer tanks (40 hL)


Packaging is the essential step to preserve the quality of the product before it is distributed to the consumer. For this stage, we are equipped with a bottling and filling line.