Raw material qualification

Our expertise in the French selection of malting barley varieties

As an actor in the selection process of new malting barley varieties, IFBM carries out technological analyses of barley, micro-malting (600g) and calculates the quality index of the varieties under study for the CTPS (Permanent Technical Committee for Selection). Then, for the CBMO ( Barley Malt Beer Committee), IFBM calculates the functional index of the selected varieties and carries out pilot malting tests (600kg) and brewing (20hl) for the technological validation of the new varieties.

Find HERE the list of the favourite varieties of French maltsters and brewers for the 2023 harvest and the Quality brochure for French brewing barley for the 2021 harvest HERE.

We characterise your raw materials!

We carry out micro-malting tests (100g and 600g) to evaluate the quality of new barley varieties for breeders before the approval system.

IFBM advises you on the technological quality of your barley batches and on the choice of malting conditions. In addition, our facilities allow us to carry out micro-malting with conditions adapted to the characteristics of your barley and provide you with expertise on the quality of the malt obtained.