Research and development

In relation with the parties involved from barley to beer, our R&D team is working on many issues that come up in the field:

  • Characterisation of malting barley (rapid qualification methods, diseases in the field, evaluation of new bio-protection methods, detailed analysis of proteins, etc.)
  • Understanding and improvement of malting processes (evaluation of new means of bio-protection, enzymatic potential of malt, energy reduction...)
  • Understanding and improving brewing processes (carbon footprint of brewing, fermentation co-products, gushing, hops: use and impact on organoleptic profile or hop creep effect...)

This has enabled us to acquire solid expertise on current topics of interest to maltsters and brewers. The R&D team is available to discuss a topic with you in more detail through a :

  • Technical study on a specific subject (problem solving...)
  • Collective or collaborative project (CASDAR, FSOV, ANR, Europe...) 

Leave us a message to start the exchange!