Professional training

Founded in 1962, IFBM is one of the leading national and international technical centres in the malting-brewing sector.

Our training courses on barley, malt, beers and beverages are intended for microbreweries and industrial breweries. We also offer customised training courses, adapted to your specific needs.

IFBM training courses

In order to provide the best possible support to those involved in the beverage and barley to beer industries, we make our facilities, our knowledge and our research available to you. Through a vast training programme, you will be able to perfect your skills in your field of activity, whether you are a microbrewer or an industrialist. For these training courses, we welcome you to our institute in Nancy.

Personalised training

Our training courses can also be designed and organised to suit your needs. These customised training courses can take place in our research centre or at your facilities.

Contact us for a customised training course!

IFBM and the Qualtech Group offer training in the field of barley, malt, beers and beverages.

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Advanced course in malting technology

Industrial Malt
Mis à jour le 08/07/2022

Advanced course in brewing technology

Beer Industrial
Mis à jour le 08/07/2022