Advanced course in brewing technology


  • Acquire new theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Develop knowledge of raw materials, materials and processes in the brewery
  • Analyse the interaction of raw materials and the impact on the quality of the finished product
  • Master the stages of beer production
  • Understand the meaning of technological developments
  • Find practical solutions to manufacturing difficulties
  • Develop knowledge of beer (from barley to beer)


  • Delivery of a binder 
  • Video projector presentation/lecture
  • Visit to the brewing plant and the micro-brewing plant
  • Role-playing: transmission of technical gestures (for process monitoring)
  • Problem solving

Duration, numbers and dates

Have completed training equivalent to or above level 2 (contact us for more information) or several years' experience in a brewery

Targeted audience

Newly hired managers Technical staff with several years of experience in brewing who wish to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of industrial processes


Training administrative Référent : Sylvie KERKOUCH - 
Sales Engineer Beer chain: Françoise LACOUR -


  • The global barley, malt and beer market 
  • The biochemistry of malting and brewing 
  • Raw materials, specifications and quality control 
  • Brewing technology: the hot block 
  • Practical aspects of the hot block 
  • Fermentation, maturation and propagation 
  • Yeast quality 
  • Beer filtration and stabilisation 
  • Beer quality 
  • Contaminants and their detection 
  • Problem solving 
  • Analysis of the impact of interaction on the quality of the finished product 
  • Concept of HACCP 
  • Sense of technological developments 
  • Finding practical solutions to manufacturing difficulties