Advanced course in malting technology

Targeted audience

Managers and technical staff with several years of experience in malting; People who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of industrial processes in an industrial environment


  • Develop knowledge of malting processes
  • Understand the impact of raw materials and the malting process on beer quality
  • Master the biochemistry and steps of malt production
  • Know the brewers' expectations
  • Know the mycotoxins and their prevention
  • Find practical solutions to manufacturing difficulties
  • Know the economic stakes
  • Optimise the process

Duration, numbers and dates

Training equivalent to level 1 or higher (contact us for more information) or 18 months' experience in a Malthouse


  • Growing malting barley in France 
  • Barley selection in France 
  • Barley analysis and laboratory visit 
  • Barley storage 
  • Internal and external structure of barley grain 
  • Malting biochemistry 
  • Malting technology and inputs (energy, water...) 
  • Energy saving 
  • Special malts and visit of the platform 
  • Malt analysis and laboratory visit 
  • Brewing process 
  • Visit of a semi-industrial brewery 
  • Impact of malt quality on brewing performance and beer quality 
  • Mycotoxin behaviour during malting and brewing and HACCP prevention in malting plants Gushing, PYF 
  • Moulds in barley and malt

Teaching costs

Pedagogical and technical means

Methods of evaluating acquired knowledge


  • Delivery of a binder
  • Video projector presentation/lecture
  • Visit to the malting plant and the micro-malting plant
  • Role-playing: transmission of technical gestures (for process monitoring)
  • Problem solving


Training administrative Référent : Sylvie KERKOUCH - 
Sales Engineer Beer chain: Françoise LACOUR -